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Now you can commission me via PayPal, deviantArt points or bank transfer.

update!: a few changes
  1. I will no longer be officially accepting 2D commissions and will be focusing my efforts on my 3D work. I will be completing all my ongoing and reserved 2D commissions, of course.
  2. Prices raised very slightly.
  3. Retopology added as an option! You can request it on top of your sculpt as an extra service.

Commission status: CLOSED*

Status: 1 ongoing, 10 reservations
*Currently closed so I can get through my current commissions. I'll open again once I free up some slots!


My pricing is based on time estimates for completion of each type of piece. If your design is particularly complex, it might take me longer to finish your piece, and as such I may charge an additional fee. For example, here is a model that has about the level of complexity I'm expecting, and here is one that is more complex and takes me longer to complete.

Payments can be made via deviantArt using points, or via PayPal if you prefer. Direct deposit using SWIFT bank transfers can also be arranged. For convenience, I deal in dollars and assume $1 = 100 deviantArt points.

3D Work

I'm available for high poly sculptures. These are not rigged or rig-ready and don't have full textures, just a polypainted albedo.

Character bust - 4500 pts or $45

   Commission - Gina by miriamylam  Beth by miriamylam   Eliza by miriamylam

Character sculpture from the shoulders/chest up.

Full body character - 7500 pts or $75

otome project - model by miriamylam NSFW example

A full body character sculpture.

Extra services

  • Retopology - 1500 pts or $15 (you may need this if you intend on rigging and animating a character)


I'm pretty open minded and I don't get offended easily. I'm also willing to step out of my comfort zone. Feel free to hit me up with whatever idea is floating around in your head and I'll tell you honestly whether I am up to the task.

Just so you know what to expect, my commission process can usually be broken down into 3 steps:
  1. You propose an idea and mention which commission option you want. Be as detailed as possible and provide references. I draw up a few very rough sketches of what the final product might look like, and we settle on a concept.
  2. I request payment or send an invoice, and once I receive it I begin working.
  3. Every few days throughout the process I send you WIP screenshots. During this time you may request any changes to be made to the image or model. Once I finish working and you are satisfied, I will send you the final files. For 3D work, this includes a rendered image in .jpg and the .obj model file or files. For 3D printable models, .stl is usually provided but I can do other formats.
I reserve the right to post renders on my accounts, but as a rule I will never distribute your models. I will mention you by your username in the description. If you have privacy concerns or need me to be discrete, please let me know in advance.


Up until the moment I start, full refunds are available. After that point however I can only provide partial refunds. I generally start within 24 hours of receiving payment so it's best you make up your mind before placing an order.
If you have paid using the dA commission widget you will have to wait 14 days after the payment is made for it to clear up with dA before I can issue a refund.

***About 3D printing:

I am not proficient with 3D printing. I don't own my own printer and I'm unable to prototype. So while I can do my best to prepare a model for printing, I cannot guarantee that complex models won't require additional support structures in order to print well. For this reason I always recommend that you use a professional printing service to print your models: I recommend your preferred hub at You will be able to submit your model for review there in order to determine how best to print it and whether sanding or polish is necessary for a good finish.

If you do plan on 3D printing your model, let me know in advance! I will need to know this in order to avoid small detail and thin walls that don't print well, as well as add a base, and hollow out your model for reduced costs. I will need to know how tall you're printing your model, and if possible, what material you are using.


Contact me via note or by email to if you have any questions. Aww 
Also feel free to contact me for a price quote on a particular request, no strings attached.

Thank you for your interest!

Waiting list
(1 commission can take me anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks to complete depending on type and complexity, I generally work on 2 commission at once)
  1. lukena
  2. Dragon-FangX
  3. lupinegrey
  4. Seoxys6 
  5. TheoremOvermade
  6. blackwing2
  7. Gorgriz
  8. Gorgriz
  9. overlordofnobodies 
  10. Spycrab777


Hey guys! Check out this picture of my latest sculpt being printed!

Sadly the supports failed on this print but the awesome guys at will give it another go tomorrow. Afterwards, the supports will be sanded off. Can't wait to have the finished product!
Thanks for the feedback guys. I've uploaded a timelapse of my latest sculpt here:

Let me know what you think!
Would anyone be interested in seeing timelapses of my sculpts?
Happy to say I'm finally confident enough in my retopo to consider doing low poly commissions!! (I honestly don't even know if anyone wants this though)
I'm finally teaching myself Blender! I took my first steps into 3D with Max and Maya but Autodesk's pricing is pretty unforgiving to independent creators. When I'm a bit better with Blender, I hope to finally offer retopologised and low poly commissions.


3D - bust
Posed, painted character sculpture from the shoulders/chest up.
For more information click here.
3D - full body
Painted, posed full body character sculpture.
For more information click here.


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